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Let Me Tell You Why You're Here. You're Here Because You Know Something, Let Me Explain...

There was a Movie made a few years ago, about an ordinary fellow, who's name was Neo. One day, Neo discovered that he was living in a very pleasant and well thought out counterfeit reality. Captain Morpheus gave Neo a choice of a blue pill or a red pill to take. If Neo took the blue pill, it would be the end of the meeting, the red pill would take him down the rabbit hole to see what the world was really like. Just like Neo, you have a chance to see what the real world is like. If you choose to exit this page, you can only return through the rabbit hole. If you choose to go forward, then let this page be your oracle and guide...This carefully crafted reality world was designed to keep Neo and all others from discovering the truth about the real world. What the movie maker's do not realize, is that just like Star Wars, The Matrix concept is not new and is closer to the truth than most people would like to think. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a lawyer to see that we are living in a kind of Matrix counterfeit reality world! A world that has been digitized and computerized with cel phones, smart phones,  computers, ipods, iphones, TV's, DVD's, Hipp-hop music, sports, arts, intertainment, ect.. All inspired by a very crafty powerful spirit being named Satan. He is the greatest counterfeiter of all times! This Counterfeit world with all of its Kingdoms, Man Made Governments, Politics, Higher Learning Institutions, Commerce, Intertainment,  Religions, and even it's Man-Holidays are all part of this well cleverly crafted Counterfeit reality. All designed to keep us pre-occupied and deceived, to keep us from discovering the real world around us. When God made Adam & Eve, He gave them instuctions on how to conduct their lifes, what to teach their children, how to take care of the things that God placed in their care, like the planet we live on. He layed down the law, what they could do and not do, right from wrong, good from evil, what to eat and not to eat. No sooner had God given them intructions face to face and left the scene, that Satan appeared to them and led them in a different way, a counterfeit way, the way of disobedience, Gen.3:. He
 deceive them about what God cammanded them to do. Satan supplanted and twisted the truth of God. You won't really die, if you eat the fruit of this tree, for God knows that your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, able to deside for your selves what is right and what is wrong, deside for yourselves what is good and what is evil. Who did they believe? They took of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and did eat. They disobeyed God and followed Satan. Did they die? Yes they did! Adam and Eve believed the first lie ever told. To keep them from also eating of the "Tree of Life", God drove them out of the garden of Eden and set his angels there to keep them from re-entering, Gen.3:22-24. Satan has always poned himself off to be like God and has plans to take his place, but to no avail, Isa.14:. Adam and Eve were cut off from the "Tree of Life", cut off from God's reveiled knowledge. They believed and obeyed Satan instead of God! Now they had to discover knowledge for themselves. To discover right from wrong and good from evil, by using the tools of science (Observation & Expermentation). Mankind has been using the same tools ever since. In effect, God has said by driving man out of the garden and away from the Tree of Life, ok...if you won't do what I say, won't follow my instructions, or keep my laws, won't keep My Sabbaths, won't keep My appointed Feast Days, then go and form your on ways of life, set up your own Governments, Educational Institutions, Religions, but don't exspect me to come to your aid when things go wrong. I will intervene in world affairs only when I deem it neccessary and to keep you from distroying the earth you live on. You have been given 6000 years (6-1000 year days)to go your own way, but at the end of the 6000 years of human mis-rule, I will intervene and set up my Kingdom, a Sabbitical (1000 year Day) rule of God. I will continue to send my messengers to warn you of your ways and intervene on behalf of my true followers, those that I am calling now, those that obey me and keep my laws and do what I say. God took a hands off policy ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed him. Who is the god that inspires and guides this  present world, with all of its man made Kingdoms, Governments, Institutions of Higher Learning and its Religions?, well its not the God of the Bible, Jesus was taken up into a high mountain by Satan to show him all the Kingdoms of the world and said to Jesus, all this will I give you, if you will worship me. Jesus could have said, oh,..but you don't own the kingdoms of this world, but he did'nt say that, Jesus knew that Satan was the present god and invisable ruler of this carefully crafted, well thought out counterfeit world, Luke 4:5-7,Mat.4:5-8. This is not just a digitized Matrix type counterfeit reality, Satan has caused the whole world to be deceived and   blinded "spiritually" as well, to his great counterfeit reality, a kind of Spiritual-Matrix-Counterfeit-Reality-World, Rev.12:. A world that does not have God telling them what to do or how to do it! A world that has even taken God's name out of their schools, government buildings, and business. So God is keeping hands off of the present world, until we have proven to ourselves, that we are unable to rule over the nations of the earth while cut-off from God. God is going to let us "reap what we have sown"! When all of our man made Governments, Kingdoms, Inventions of Mass Distruction, Global Warming, Higher Learning and man made Religions inspired by Satan fail and bring us to the edge of distruction, then Jesus Christ, like a "Knight on a White Horse"  will return to this earth, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Rev.19:,20:) and will fight against the deceived rulers of the world and put an end to all of the human suffering, wars, starvation, racial tensions and human mis-rule. Christ will set up The Kingdom and Government of God, Luk.1:30-33,Isa.40:1-5, Isa.2:2-4. He will de-throne Satan and put him and his demons in the bottomless pit, The Abis, were they cannot deceive the nations any more for a 1000 years, Rev.20:! Then God the Father will come down to this earth to dwell with us and pick up were he left off in the Garden of Eden. We are not going up there like most people have been decieved into thinking, but God is coming down here! Then the world will know "Real Peace and Joy" at last, no more counterfeiters to deceive the people any more! Rev.20:. 21:, 22:. The Kingdom of God is Coming! Ready or not!!

The Biblical Historical Jesus 

Have you ever been asked this..."do you know Jesus ?" Well...which one ? The Traditional jesus or The Biblical-Historical Jesus? Most people that believe in the Traditional jesus believe he was born on "Dec. 25th" (Satranalia), and spoke about heaven as the reward of the saved, did away with The Ten Commandments, nailed them to the cross, changed the Sabbath from the 7th day (Saturday) to (Sunday) the 1st day of the week, crucified on a good-Friday (Fria), rose from the tumb on "Easter" (Ishtar) Sunday morning and then accended into Heaven were they think all the saints and true Christains are now. The Biblical-Historical Jesus was born 6-months after John the Babtist and John was born in the early spring according to the course of (Abia)"The 8th course", so say Bullinger's companion bible and many others. The Real Jesus proclaimed the Good News about the Coming "Kingdom and Government of God" to this earth, was crucified on a wed. evening on (Passover Day) and then rose from the tumb (three days and three nights later) on the (Sabbath Day) just before the sun went down in the year "31-AD" and no one was around to see it. The Biblical and Historical Jesus, was born, not in the winter or anywhere near Dec.25th, but in the early fall, around the time of The Feast of Trumpets or "The Feast of Tabernacles", at Harvest-Time. Many Bible commentaries like Bullinger's and others make that very clear. Jesus observed the weekly Sabbath "Saturday", from (Sun-down "Friday" The 6th-day to Sun-down "Saturday" The 7th Day). He observed The "Passover" and He had to die on Passover Day in order to be (The True Pass-over Sacrifice-The Lamb of God). He observed all of the Holy-Days in Lev.23, and so did all the saints of the early church. What about St. Paul, an appostle to the gentiles, did'nt Paul teach the gentiles on sunday? No he did not! The scriptures plainly show that St Paul preached to the gentiles every Sabbath Day, it was and is the same day the Jews keep today! "Acts 13:42,44, in 45-AD Acts 16:13, 17:2, in 53-AD, 18:4. St. Paul, the other apostles and the church was all still keeping Gods Commanded "Holy-Days" called (Set times of The Lord) in 60 AD, Acts 20: 6,16. No.... I don't believe in the Taditional jesus, so let me turn that question around, do you know Jesus?...The Real Jesus, The Biblical-Historical Jesus? If not its
time you did! When Christ returns to set up his Kingdom on this earth, the first thing he will do is put Satan away, so he cannot deceive the nations any more for a 1000 years! Rev.19:,20:,21:,22: and don't forget about Zac.14:, Isa.2:,4:,7:,9:,11:,65:, 66:. All Nations and that means every-one on planet earth, not just the Jews,  all will be required to keep "The Feast of Tabernacles" or that Nation  will recieve no rain until they do! (Zac.14:). Which Jesus are you looking for? The Traditional Jesus or The Biblical-Historical Jesus? I don't know about you, but I'm looking for the "Biblical-Historical Jesus" to come back to this earth, to set up The Kingdom and Government of God! At that time, in the last-days, at The Last Trump... The Real Jesus Will Stand Up! Amen!!
If you would like to know more about "The Real Jesus" check out our favorite-links on this page...

Who Is Setting On King Davids Everlasting Throne? 

Whose setting on King David's Throne? Jesus Christ? Not yet! Many scriptures state that God made a covenant with David that, as long as the Sun,Moon and Stars continued to shine, there would always be a decendant of his setting on the Throne,ruling over at least part of the House of Israel."Psa.89" and many other scriptures make the same statement. Did God keep his word to David? Who was setting on David's Throne when Christ was born?  The King setting on the Throne in Judah,which was called  southern house of Israel was placed there by the Roman Government as a pupit King. The King on the Throne in the days that Christ first came was not even kine to David nor was he of the Blood-line of King David! So did God keep his word to David? If so,Where was the Throne of David at then and where is it at today? Remember, David's Throne is to Rule over The House of Israel. The House of Isreal was devided up into two Nations after the death of King Soloman. You can read about the details in Books 1&2 Chronicles & 1&2 Kings. So where is David's Throne at today? The answer will shock you! The Genealogy of the Royal House of Britain can be traced back to Scotland,Ireland and to the Middle-East, back to David's Throne. Genealogy charts and books can be purchased from the Covenant Publishing House in Britain. There have been hundreds of books written about the matter! You can get Free Books & booklets from the Churches that are linked to this website. Click on the links for more details. Avoid Future Shock by doing your home-work now!

The Kingdom of God is Coming! 

The Kingdom of God is Coming! It will be a World Ruling Government! Luke 1:30-33,Isa.40:1-5,2:2-4,9:6-7,11:1-9,35:.Signs of the times;Mic.5:7-14,Mat.24:14-42,Mark13:14-37,Luk.21:all,2-Tim.3:1-17,1-Ths.4:13-17,1-Cor.15:12-32,50-58,Rev.7:,12:7-17,Rev.19:,Zac:14:1-9,Rev.20:1-6<Zac.14:16-21,Rev:20:7-15,21:,22:. God will yet use Israel as a model Nation for the rest of the world to follow! King David and all the Saints will help Christ Rule the New World Order! Ezk.20:,37:. Satan will not be able to deceive the nations anymore for a 1000 years...Rev.20:! The whole world will be forced to take an unlearning course in "History & Religion"! God will (re-merry) Himself to Spiritual Israel whom he "devorced" for committing the twin-sins of "Idolatry & Sabbath Breaking". God recorded in the life of Hosea how he is working out his plans here below,Hos.1:,2: & Ezk.20:,Zac.14:16-21,Isa.66:22-23,Lev.23:,Heb.8:6-8,9-13! The world will speak with one Language Zep.3:9,,19-20! In the legend of King Arthur,who invisioned a kind of government called "Camalot" that would bring peace & prosperity to all the world,where Might does not make Right,but where Might can only be used for Right! He, King Arthur will yet see what he could only invision then when Christ Returns to establish The Kingdom & Government of God upon this earth,then all the World will be at peace with each other & with God! All the tools of war will be converted into tools of peace & productivty...Isa.2:2-4.

When the Rightful Heir,the Prince of peace,The Lord of Lords,The King of Kings "Christ" The "True Lamb of God" Returns,then and only then will we have a lasting peace and a Government that will never pass away! All Nations will be required to go up to the House of God to  receive instructions & worship the God of Israel and to keep all his Laws & Sabbaths called "Set Times" of the Lord! Zac.14:16-21,Isa.66:22-23! The Kingdom of God is Coming! Ready or not !!

You Are Just Getting Started...But you will have to decide for yourself if you want to persue this quest any further and see just how deep the rabbit hole is? If you do, please check out the links found on this page.

Time To Do Your Homework !

In A Nut Shell

How do we put this all together, so it makes since? The world (Cosmos) we live in is not Gods world…yet. He is not responsible for its Governments, weapons of mass destruction, Its Science, Technology, Commerce, Industry, Institutions of Higher Learning, Entertainment with all of its perverted sex and violence you see on TV, the Internet, the Social Networking, nor its many conflicting religions. If God is not responsible for this present world, then who is? The one that has been guiding and inspiring mankind ever since Adam was driven out of the garden of Eden…A cleverly crafted invisible spirit being called Satan. The Whole World has been deceived by the present god of this world, Rev.12: The inspired word of God plainly says that a Beast & a false religion system would be the driving force that will bring this world to the brink of destruction (Rev. 13:, 17:, 18:). The Biblical Historical Jesus Christ will return in the nick of time, before we destroy the earth and all life on it, just like a knight on a white horse, Rev. 19:, to cut short the greatest battle the world will ever see, called…The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, Jer. 30: 7 & Mat. 24:, Mark 13:, Luk. 21:. Satan and His Demons will be placed in the bottomless pit, they will not be able to deceive the nations any more for 1000 years !, Rev. 20: Then God Will Establish The Kingdom and Government of God on this Earth and bring peace and prosperity to all. The Whole World will be required to take an unlearning course in History & Religion. No more pagan holidays will be allowed in the worship of the true God. Nations will be required to keep The Feast of Tabernacles, The Sabbath and all the Set Times of The Lord or…those nations will receive no rain, until they do! Zec.14: So what or we to do? Repent of living contrary to Gods Law, The Ten Commandments and follow the instructions in Acts. 2: 38, Come out of her my people…be not partakers of her evil deeds, so you will not receive of her plagues when they come, Rev. 17:, 18:. The World’s Religious System is called a Whore by God and is the main cause of this worlds coming destruction. Only those whom God has mark, will be spared (Saved) Those that are sighing & crying for all the abominations they see, Eke. 8:,9:. We need to be un-plugged from This Matrix Counterfeit World and its outlaw religions inspired by Satan…Then get in-step with the Real God and The Biblical Historical Jesus Christ!

He That Is Convinced Against His Will…Is Of The Same Opinion Still.


You Hold The Key To Your Mind...No One Can Enter, Unless you Unlock The Door...Not Even The Real Jesus!

Suggestions: Go back through the rabbit hole and dig a little deeper, check the links, the scriptures given and the articles written...Let us study, to show ourselves approved unto God.